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The Best Way To Tame A Horse In Minecraft

If you've played Minecraft, you've likely laid eyes on a horse or two. They're blocky. They're adorable. You want to saddle up on one and listen as its square hooves gallop across the plains. But these horses are wild, and in order to bring one under your command, you first have to tame it.


Which leads us to the following question: what is the best way to tame a horse in Minecraft? The answer is "with persistence."

Taming a Minecraft horse is a simple process in theory. Each horse in the game is assigned a random number between 0 and 100; that represents the horse's "temper." When you mount a horse, another random number is generated between 0-99. That is what's called a "taming threshold." If the temper is higher than the taming threshold right off the bat, you'll instantly have a tame horse. But the odds of that are slim. So you'll need to continue mounting the horse — and getting bucked off — in order to increase the horse's temper. Each mount adds 5 to the temper, and if you keep at it long enough, you'll soon have your very own horse.


Are there some secret tricks you can employ while taming? Of course there are. Food can help you tame a horse, and won't even require you getting tossed off of its back. Sugar, wheat, or an apple will increases a horses temper by 3. Golden carrots will add 5 to a horse's temper. And a golden apple will increase a horse's temper by 10, making it the far most effective tool when trying to tame your chosen steed.

Once you've successfully tamed a horse in Minecraft, hearts will appear above it to signal that your mission is complete. And you'll finally become the proud new owner of a now-tame horse that can take you to and fro, and can even breed with other tamed horses. Who knew this game was this deep?