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Nintendo Fans Believe They're Unraveling A Super Mario Sunshine Conspiracy

Is Nintendo teasing new content related to Super Mario Sunshine? Perhaps a remake of the game, or some Sunshine-themed Super Mario Odyssey DLC? Some fans believe so, and they might not be totally crazy.


You might have already seen some stories about a recent Instagram post from Nintendo. The company shared an image of Mario looking rather beachy while nibbling on a watermelon, and while many keyed in on that image alone, others found the photo's description far more interesting. It reads as follows:

"Even Mario needs a little #Summer Vacation! No matter where your summer odyssey took you, we hope it was filled with sunshine!"

We know what you're probably thinking; Nintendo using the words "odyssey" and "sunshine" doesn't necessarily mean anything. And we thought the same thing; that is, until Reddit user Probable_Foreigner shared more images this morning. They're taken from Nintendo's Gamescom demo videos, and they're enough to have us putting on some tin foil hats ourselves.


Riddle us this: if Nintendo isn't dropping hints about Super Mario Sunshine, why was the company putting fruit behind the Mario statue on the coffee table? And why was the company switching (1) that fruit out (2) randomly?

It sure seems like something.

Some are split about whether or not new Sunshine content would be a full-on remake, a port, or Odyssey DLC. Some Reddit users happen to believe that this points to DLC. Another Reddit user buys the Sunshine connection – basing their argument on their belief that Super Mario Sunshine wasn't represented in any way by Odyssey's large assortment of costumes — but feels we're too far from Odyssey's release, so it must be a port or a remaster.

We'll definitely be keeping a close eye on Nintendo's social media accounts for more clues. Should we learn more, we'll report back.