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Dota 2 Reveals Void Spirit Hero At The International 2019

Dota 2 has revealed the latest figure slated to join its roster: Void Spirit, a being whose existence fans have speculated about for years.

Valve shared a first look at Void Spirit with a teaser video before the enigmatic hero appeared on stage at The International 2019 in Shanghai. Though his skills remain unknown, he wields a double-bladed staff lit with void energy and appears to possess the ability to open portals. Alleged datamines have uncovered references to mind control; if this rumor proves true, you're looking at a formidable (and possibly overpowered) opponent.


"I abhor the blindness of the mortal plane," Void Spirit narrates in the trailer. "From the void, nothing escapes my notice. No secret lies beyond my grasp. Yet, soon I must finally step from my hidden bastion, to wage battle alongside my brothers, and save them for a greater cause to come." Concluding his monologue, Void Spirit warns mortals to ready themselves for an event called the "great confluence."

Void Spirit joins his elemental brethren — Ember Spirit, Earth Spirit, and Storm Spirit —  the first of which appeared in November 2013. Their nature led fans to ruminate over the existence of a fourth spirit brother, a theory now proven true. Though his siblings embody more traditional elements, Void Spirit seems to draw his power from a more nebulous astral plane. Traditionally, "void" indicates an emptiness or vacuum; based on the portals and design scheme, his abilities may come from the literal vacuum of space and may even tie into black holes.


Void Spirit marks the second of two heroes that will debut in The Outlanders Update, which will go live for Dota 2 and Underlords sometime this fall. The developer unveiled Snapfire, a cookie-baking, dragon-riding sharpshooter yesterday. Hold on to your butts because this granny puts the "wild" back in "Wild West."