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The Truth About Those Ridiculous WoW Classic Server Wait Times

World of Warcraft Classic is the game we all know and love from nearly fifteen years ago, brought back for the old-school WoW fans who feel the current game's lost its way. It just launched yesterday, but if you're hoping to log in and play, you might want to bring a book to read. It could take a while.


Destructoid reports that queue times inside World of Warcraft Classic are nothing less than outrageous. Servers that were considered "low population" during the game's early access period are now "high," which means you could be waiting roughly 400 minutes to sign in. And even as other servers have come online, they've been hit with the "medium" tag, promising a wait of at least 30 minutes.

Queues aren't a brand new thing in the world of online games, and they're often present at the launch of online multiplayer titles. But this is WoW Classic, a remastered version of a game that came out before the Xbox 360 was even a thing. And it's not like World of Warcraft is gone; it's still very much around. Can you imagine an earlier version of any other online game seeing this much demand, with players so intent on getting that nostalgia hit that they'd wait hours to play?


It's pretty incredible, and it really speaks to how players view WoW more as a world they inhabit than a game they play. And Classic is like being able to travel back in time to the old college campus, before the buildings were knocked down and new ones were put up in their place. Put in those terms, you can likely better understand the draw that World of Warcraft Classic has to players who've stuck with the game all these years, and why it's so important they get to take that trip.

We'll be sure to watch out for reports on WoW Classic's queue times. If things ease up and signing in becomes less of a waiting game, we'll let you know.