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What Is The Rarest Item In Minecraft?

You might not think there's a lot to learn about Minecraft. The game looks so simple! But don't be fooled by its plain exterior. There are tons of secrets in Minecraft. Like dragon eggs. That's right: eggs from dragons.


Did you even know there were dragons?

If the question is, what is the rarest item in Minecraft? the answer is the dragon egg. Only one can spawn per world, and you can only obtain the dragon egg from defeating the game's first ender dragon. And yes, that sounds like a journey all to itself. Defeat a dragon? You might be having trouble figuring out how to chop up blocks. But you can only obtain the dragon egg by defeating the ender dragon. There's no other way around it.

Where do you find this dragon? It's located in what's called the End, which is the final dimension inside Minecraft. You'll have to progress quite a ways to get there, so if you're in the early stages of Minecraft, stick a pin in this article and come back later. You're not quite ready to hoist the dragon egg.


But let's say you are in the End. Let's say you are ready to slay the ender dragon and claim its egg as your prize. What can you do with it? What is the magic power found within this mysterious egg?

It doesn't do anything special. It has no power. It's a decoration. It's basically a trophy you stick on your little Minecraft mantle that you can point to later, like, "Yeah, I beat the ender dragon. Got that cool egg."

But hey, that's still something, right? There are people who play games on Steam, Xbox Live and PSN who do so only to rack up achievements and trophies. And this one is even cooler in because you can show it off inside your Minecraft castle you've constructed. So if you are going to face the ender dragon anyway, why not?

To recap: the dragon egg is the rarest item in Minecraft. It comes from the ender dragon. It sits and looks pretty. Now go get it.