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The Worst Class To Choose In World Of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft Classic is like a video game time machine, transporting you to WoW circa 2004. Back then, we never imagined World of Warcraft would still be around 15 years later, or that the vanilla game would get a remaster. Yet here we are, logging into WoW Classic and wondering if the same classes that were awful before are still bad now.


What is the worst class to choose in World of Warcraft Classic? That apparently depends on what your intentions are.

If you're all about player-versus-environment action (PvE), it seems you're not going to do yourself any favors by selecting a Balance Druid. These, Polygon says, "are the worst PvE damage class in the game." Worse yet, they're limited to repeating one lone spell. One. We imagine that, if you're playing with others, they're not going to appreciate your limited damage output. And the idea of casting one spell time after time just sounds boring. So it makes sense that you'd want to avoid this class.

On the player-versus-player side (PvP), however, there are two classes to run from. And one of them you might know: it's our pal the Balance Druid again! The folks at DotEsports believe the Balance Druid is a bust due to its fast rate of mana consumption. But at least it's not alone this time. The site also warns players to stay away from using Enhancement Shamans in PvP because "without a good weapon or gear, they're underwhelming," and there are "always going to be better classes."


Based on a peek into past talk about vanilla World of Warcraft, it appears what's old is new again. Similar discussions took place around these classes years back, which — if nothing else — hammers the point home that WoW Classic is every bit the game that existed 15 years ago, but prettier. That includes all the flaws, and that includes the meta. So if you ran a Balance Druid way back when and you were hoping the class would finally have its day, we're sorry: it's still not good.