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Hideo Kojima Has A Part In Control (And We Should've Known)

Hideo Kojima's undoubtedly been hard at work on Death Stranding these past few years, but that didn't stop him from working on some other things, too. Back in March, he entered the recording booth to lay down some dialogue for a secret project, and even gave us a huge clue as to what that project was. We just didn't get it.


As it turns out, that "secret project" was Remedy Entertainment's Control, and both Kojima and Aki Saito (of Kojima Productions) are credited with lending their voices to the game, according to Multiplayer 1st.

It's a neat surprise for fans of Kojima who happen to be playing Remedy's new title. But we're really disappointed in ourselves for not picking up on the now-obvious hint dropped by Kojima's personal assistant during his recording session. She tweeted at the time that Kojima was doing some recording "for the other Sam," and of course, that set off tons of speculation about what on Earth that could mean. Some believed Kojima was collaborating with Ubisoft on a new Splinter Cell game, and that would've been a dream come true for many.


But the Sam wasn't being referenced wasn't Sam Fisher. It was Remedy Entertainment's Sam Lake. We played ourselves.

That's not to say Kojima's cameo isn't cool, though. It's actually very cool. Kojima voices a tape-recorded scientist named Dr. Yoshimi Tokui, who can be heard during one of Control's missions. And Aki Saito, who we mentioned is also in the game, actually provides the English translation for Kojima's Japanese dialogue. You can watch a clip featuring the two here (if you aren't afraid of some light spoilers).

With Control now out (and getting rave reviews), we have to wonder what other secrets might be found in the game. Also: do you think Sam Lake might have a part in Death Stranding? Kojima teased that there will be a number of cameos in that game. Perhaps the two traded appearances. We'll have to wait until November to find out for sure.

Control is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.