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Control: How To Get Clearance Level 2

Control, the mind-bending, supernatural shooter from Alan Wake creator Remedy Entertainment, uses several mundane elements to craft a more immersive experience. The Oldest House, an ever-shifting artifact of immeasurable power, acts as the headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Control, an organization that functions much like a real world government agency would, despite its paranormal leanings. 

From coffee budgets to press releases and mildew removal orders, the collectibles and departments you encounter in the Oldest House paint a surprisingly normal picture. This bureaucracy heightens the sense of wrongness as The Hiss twists the headquarters and its employees into a cruel pantomime of reality. One of these protocols that Control adopts is the clearance system, with locked security doors placed throughout the map. To open theses doors, you must increase your clearance level by obtaining clearance passes.

Once you've picked up clearance level 1, it's easy to get your hands on clearance level 2, as it's tied to the main narrative. After starting the third mission, take the elevator down to the Maintenance Sector to link up with the not-at-all-suspicious janitor. After a brief chat, he'll give you the clearance level 2 pass. With your upgraded clearance status, make sure you take the time to explore the Oldest House, returning to security doors you could not unlock in previous missions. While you can race through the core story, you'll miss out on a lot of abilities, collectibles, and other features that make Control special. If you're uncertain about which doors you can access, you can check your clearance level under the "Assets" tab in the main menu.