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Control: How To Get Clearance Level 6

Control, the third-person shooter from Alan Wake creator Remedy Entertainment, places you in the role of Jesse Faden. Jesse arrives at the Oldest House, an ever-shifting building that acts as the headquarters for the Federal Bureau of Control, in search of answers about her past. Upon discovering the invasion of the Oldest House by a hostile paranormal force known as the Hiss, Jesse becomes the Bureau's new Director, working her way through the headquarters and retaking key control points.

Though her new status comes with a few perks, Jesse starts the game without access to the building's many locked security doors. To progress through the game, one of your key tasks centers on finding the requisite clearance level passes. Thankfully, Remedy tied these passes to the main narrative and the sixth and final pass is no exception. Like many of the previous levels, you'll receive clearance level 6 after speaking to a key NPC who shall remain nameless due to significant spoilers. To get the pass, simply complete Mission 6, then follow your objective into the next cutscene. You can check your current mission number under achievements.

With clearance level 6, you can now access all of Control's security doors. Remedy has hidden many aspects of the game on the non-linear map; to uncover all it has to offer, make sure you use your new clearance and late-game abilities to explore previously visited sectors. The Oldest House has several Easter eggs, collectibles, and other items scattered throughout its interior that you'll need to hunt down to unlock all of Control's achievements and hit that coveted 100%.