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How To Make Money On The GTA 5 Stock Market

Money makes the world go 'round, and that's true even if you're inhabiting a video game world like Grand Theft Auto 5. What makes GTA 5 so unique, though, is that the game takes finance to a deep level; so deep that there are actually in-game stock exchanges. You know what that means: investing wisely for retirement!


Or not. You're playing a video game in which you rarely (if ever) suffer consequences. And that video game has a stock market that ebbs and flows based on what happens in the game world. If good things happen, the stock market is happy! If bad things happen, the stock market is not happy.

You're capable of making bad things happen in GTA 5, right? Very good.

In order to make a killing on the stock market in GTA 5, you'll want to invest in and effect the LCN, which is the stock market that responds to world events. And then you'll want to either tank one company or pump up its rival, depending on where you're putting your money.

Let's say you invest a healthy sum in BankOfLiberty. How do you get that stock price to go higher? Come up with a creative way to hurt its rival company, MazeBank. Perhaps robbing MazeBank will do the trick. Or maybe you could storm the corporate headquarters and... well, you can decide what happens from there. The point is, you'll want to make MazeBank look as unattractive as possible, which in turn makes BankOfLiberty look great.


Then you can flip it, reverse it, and ride the wave back in the other direction. Sell your BankOfLiberty shares at a high, invest those funds into MazeBank at its lowest, and then run the same scam on BankOfLiberty to tank its value and pump up MazeBank. If you play your cards right, you should be able to turn a healthy profit. And the best part? You won't go to jail for manipulating the market because it's a video game.

That, friends, is how to make money on GTA 5's stock market. Sure, you'll have to get your hands dirty and break thousands of laws. But isn't that what GTA is all about?