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Control: How To Unlock All Abilities

Control places you in the role of Jesse Faden, the new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. As you make your way through the Oldest House, the Bureau's headquarters, and take on the corruption of the Hiss, you can unlock several psychic abilities. The game rewards you with two of the five abilities as you progress through the main narrative. The others, while not necessary to complete the game, enhance the experience. Not only do they increase your survivability, but you'll need certain abilities to unlock achievements and complete quests.


Launch Ability

Launch enables you to use telekinesis, picking up objects and hurling them at enemies. You will unlock Launch as part of the first mission after cleansing the first Object of Power.

Evade Ability

Evade allows you to dodge enemy attacks either on the ground or in the air. With Evade, you can also cover greater distances with a single jump. You can unlock the Evade ability by completing the "A Merry Chase" side mission in Mission 3.

Shield Ability

Shield helps you soak more damage, creating a shield of rubble in front of you using kinetic energy. You gain the Shield ability by completing the "A Good Defense" side mission. To start "A Good Defense," look for a document near the Energy Converters in the Maintenance Sector. Interacting with it will trigger the mission.


Compel Ability

Compel allows you to wrest control of low health enemies, forcing them to fight by your side. When their health drops far enough, an icon will appear. Simply hold the indicated button to exert your influence. You gain this ability by completing the "A Captive Audience" side mission. Towards the end of Mission 4, when your objective changes to "Speak with Marshall on the intercom next to the elevator," look for a document on a nearby desk to activate the quest.

Levitate Ability

Levitate is the second ability you will unlock as part of the central storyline. Awarded during Mission 6, the ability lets you rise into the air, reaching new heights and previously inaccessible areas.