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Control: How To Find The Secret Areas In The Containment Sector

Control has several hidden locations scattered throughout the map, each containing an Ability Point. To reach the majority of these locations, you will need to first unlock the Levitate ability and obtain higher clearance levels. Remedy has hidden several of these locations in the Containment Sector. If you'd like to level up faster, head to that area after picking up Levitate during Mission 6.


Logistics Hidden Location

Fast travel to the Logistics Control Point then turn to face the map of the United States on the wall. Look up to discover a hole in the ceiling leading to a small office. Levitate through the opening to retrieve two item boxes.

Firebreak Hidden Location

Head north from the Logistics Control Point until you reach the Firebreak leading to the Panopticon. After entering the corridor, turn around and locate the small, hidden opening to the right of the door. You can reach the room using Levitate.

Fortified Unit 716 Hidden Location

Fast travel to the the Upper Panopticon Control Point and take the bridge to Fortified Unit 716, the location where you unlocked the Levitate ability. In the boss fight area, use Levitate to move towards the light at the end of the tunnel which will reveal the hidden location.


Upper Panopticon Fifth Floor Hidden Location

From the the Upper Panopticon Control Point, Levitate up to the fifth floor. Entering the open area that ends in a swan, stop by the forklift and look to the left. Though difficult to spot, you can find a small opening in the wall near a large window with the number 5 on both sides. Use Levitate to reach the opening.

Transit Corridor South Hidden Location

Using fast travel, head to the Transit Corridor Control Point then move south towards the NYC Subway sign. From there, you can see a window leading to an office on the wall. Levitate and smash through the glass to enter the hidden area.