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How Many Different Endings Does Greedfall Have?

Greedfall, the pseudo-historical action roleplaying game from French developer Spiders, continues to draw comparisons to BioWare's Dragon Age series. Between the emphasis on player choice, cast of recruitable companions, and branching narrative, it's easy to see the similarities. Much like the Dragon Age games, Greedfall will also feature multiple endings.


The way Greedfall plays out largely depends on your relationships with your party members and the other factions. Spiders CEO and lead writer Jehanne Rousseau told GamingBolt in July that the game's conclusion would feature "mainly three big paths." The ending you receive may include slight variations, as companion's can permanently leave your group, even betraying you later on if you treat them poorly enough; however, the narrative follows one of the three pathways.

Rousseau reportedly revealed the existence of a fourth possible ending during an interview with Escapist Magazine in August. The article does not provide a direct quote to confirm this, though, the writer shares snippets of Rousseau describing the game design philosophy Spiders adopted when determining the game's narrative direction. 


"I really want players to make choices that feel natural or convincing to their own character. It's really role-playing," said Rousseau. "Some endings can be seen as bad by some people or good by some others, and I'm OK with that. We really want these different endings to not just be moralistic imposed choices made by us."

How long it takes to reach one of Greedfall's four endings depends on the number of side quests you complete and the time you spend crafting or exploring Teer Fradee. Information you obtain during side quests can help you overcome challenges that pop up in the main narrative. In turn, this affects which pathway the story takes and, ultimately, how your a adventure concludes. It's worth investing the extra 10-15 hours, especially on your first or second playthrough.

Greedfall is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.