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Nintendo Officially Unveils Ring Fit Adventure And The Ring-Con

Well, we finally know what that weird Nintendo video with the ring-shaped Joy-Con accessory was all about. Nintendo is rolling out a new fitness game for the Switch called Ring Fit Adventure, and in order to play it, Switch owners will need both the ring accessory and a Joy-Con leg strap.


First, lets cover the basics.

What is Ring Fit Adventure, exactly? By all indications, it's a sort of RPG-meets-runner game, like, well... any game with "Run" in it. Players hold the ring accessory — which is called the Ring-Con — and can use it to maneuver their character as they run forward through the game's world (thanks to the Joy-Con leg strap accessory). Occasionally, players will be confronted by one or more enemies, and it's then that the Ring-Con becomes a way to deliver attacks. You can draw it and fire it like a bow and arrow, squeeze it to shoot an air blast, and so on.

Long story short: Ring Fit Adventure is the kind of bizarre-yet-novel thing we're used to seeing from Nintendo.


We've embedded a video above for you to check out should you want to see Ring Fit Adventure in action, but we have to warn you: you're probably going to cringe a little. Nintendo chose two of the most overly enthusiastic people to talk about just how awesome the game and the Ring-Con are. And really, their overabundance of cheer is actually distracting. Maybe watch with the volume down or something.

Otherwise, we're curious as to how Nintendo fans will react to Ring Fit Adventure and the Ring-Con. You might be tempted to say, "This is way too weird to succeed!" But remember the Wii Balance Board? People loved that thing. We're going to withhold judgment until we see how the Ring Fit Adventure package performs.

And speaking of that: Ring Fit Adventure launches on Oct. 18 for the Nintendo Switch, and will cost $80. The package includes the game, the Ring-Con, and the Leg Strap.