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Greedfall: How To Use Your Gun

Greedfall, the new action RPG from French developer Spiders, transports you to a world filled with budding technology and magic inspired by 17th century Europe. Like more traditional games of its genre, you'll have a host of spells and melee weapons at your disposal; however, due to its pseudo-historical setting, Greedfall also provides you with a selection of firearms to choose from. These guns serve as a potent yet limited tool due to their reliance on ammunition.


At the start of Greedfall, you must choose between three classes: Warrior, Technical, and Magic. Both Warrior and Technical start with the Firearms skill, but magic-wielders can purchase the ability as they work through the game. Spiders built the progression system to allow players to create the skillset that compliments their playstyle. While not necessary, firearms can present a powerful advantage in combat.

While Greedfall gives you access to guns early on, you will need the requisite rank in the Firearms tree to wield specific types, such as rifles. Individual weapons may have their own unique requirements tied to attributes, skills, or stats. The Accuracy attribute also plays an important role, dictating the effectiveness of your shots. It also acts as a prerequisite for Firearms skills pertaining to high-end weapons. Once you've met the requirements for a piece of equipment, the item's name will turn from white to red in the menu.


Even with the Firearms skill, you will need to equip a gun before you can use it. If you're playing on PC, Greedfall auto-assigns your firearm to a numbered button. If you have enough ammo, you can press this number to fire a shot during combat. Console users will need to take an extra step. Simply pause the game in or out of combat, select the Firearms skill at the bottom of the screen, then assign the skill a shortcut, such as "Right" on the D-pad. You can also switch between weapons by pressing "R1" on PlayStation 4 or "RB" on Xbox One.