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Greedfall: What Class You Should Choose

In Greedfall, the pseudo-historical RPG from Spiders, you have to choose from one of three classes after determining your character's appearance: Warrior, Technical, and Magic. Each class comes with a set of skills and attributes which will influence your experience, especially in the earlier parts of the game. Unlike similar titles, Greedfall's classes do not lock you into a specific playstyle, leaving you free to spend skill points in other trees as you progress through the story.


Warrior Class

Warriors specialize in melee combat, employing heavy weapons to break their opponent's armor and interrupt incoming attacks. Their superior damage output is counterbalanced by the fact that they have to close with enemies, leaving them more vulnerable to attack. The weight of the weapons they employ also causes them to move at a slower pace than the other classes.

Starting Skills: One-Handed Heavy Weapons, One-Handed Blades, Firearms

Starting Talents: Craftsmanship and Vigor

Technical Class

The Technical class focuses on battlefield strategy and control. Players who choose Technical will have a wide array of attacks at their disposal, including melee weapons, firearms, traps, thrown vials, and weapon coatings. Warriors might do more damage outright, but the Technical class has a greater potential damage output over time.


Starting Skills: Firearms, One-Handed Blades, Elemental Traps

Starting Talents: Science and Lockpicking

Magic Class

Mages excel at long-ranged combat, employing spells that bypass enemy armor and deal direct damage to their core health. Their magic is fueled by a mana bar which diminishes with each cast. This reserve will regenerate over time, but they can also refill it by drinking special potions. At the higher end, the Magic class gains some healing power, crowd control, and massive area of effect attacks.

Starting Skills: Magic Ring, Stasis, One-Handed Weapons

Starting Talents: Science and Intuition

Though Greedfall only features three classes, you can use the skills, talents, and attributes to create a diverse range of approaches. The starting tracks act more as guidelines, granting basic abilities that let you familiarize yourself with the game's combat and mechanics.