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Greedfall: How To Fast Travel

Teer Fradee, the island where most of Greedfall's action takes place, comes with a large map for you to explore. You'll find dozens of locations, including cities, camps, and other settlements scattered across the lush landscape. While this bolsters the exploration aspect of the game, the massive area can turn quests into a bit of chore. To offset this, Spiders included a fast travel system that enables you to teleport between set areas.

To use fast travel, you first need to discover and unlock fast travel points. Greedfall uses three symbols to mark these on your map. Look for a globe when you reach new cities and a stone pillar when you visit native villages. You can also set up camps while traversing the wilds, so keep an eye out for any question marks that appear on your map. Once you've established a camp, go to the fire pit to bring up the fast travel menu.

While time consuming, finding and establishing these fast travel points will make completing objectives and gathering crafting materials much easier. You'll uncover many of these anchors simply by pursuing the main story. Others will pop up as you embark on sidequests, an aspect of the game that you should not ignore as some fringe plotlines contain useful information and items that will help you with important decisions later in the narrative. Sidequests also act as one of the best ways to level up faster and gain rapport with your companions.