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Borderlands 3 Cloud Saves Are Disappearing On PC

Are you thinking about buying Borderlands 3 on PC? If so, you might want to hold off for a couple of days, or at least be very careful about how you're saving your progress in Gearbox's latest looter shooter.


A number of reports online seem to indicate that, when it comes to Borderlands 3, the title's Epic Games Store cloud saves are malfunctioning. Some who enable cloud saves for Borderlands 3 are finding that they actually have no save data at all the next time they sign in to play, wiping out hours of progress and forcing them to start the game over from scratch. And understandably, some of these players are pleading for a fix.

"So i played the game non stop since launch it's great but sadly i lost my save files for some reason," said Twitter user @Jack18554911, adding, "10+ of gameplay time is gone, please look in to it!"

"i just lost my entire character," wrote @vyruskt. "my game froze and i loaded from a cloud save and my character was completely gone."


"Yeah Borderlands 3 deleted my save," @DestinLegarie tweeted. "Looks like I have to start over. I'm guessing this is cloud save related. PSA do NOT turn on cloud saves!"

This glitch unfortunately underscores what many feared about the Epic Games Store and its exclusives. The platform is still actively being developed and is already missing many key features. Now players have to worry about the reliability of the few features that do exist, like cloud saves.

We're sure Epic will make this cloud save bug a priority and and get it fixed up in short order. But in terms of the Epic Games Store positioning itself as a viable Steam competitor, issues like this aren't helpful.

We'll be sure to update you if a fix is deployed for cloud saves in Borderlands 3. Until then, if you're playing on PC, you might want to turn off the feature and save your progress locally.