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Borderlands 3: How To Upgrade Vehicles

Running and gunning around the worlds of Borderlands 3 rewards players with exciting goodies, but getting from point A to point B on foot can be a chore. That's where the vehicles come in. You'll get access to them pretty early in the game, courtesy of some story missions. By the time you do a bit of running around in Promethea, you should have access to the Outrnner, the Technical, and the Cyclone.


Whenever you summon one from a Catch-a-Ride station, you might have noticed that you can tweak some of the parts of your vehicle, like the tires or the armor. However, you don't start the game with many options at your disposal. So how do you get more parts?

Well, there are two ways to do it, and both involve stealing. Whenever you roam around the world, you'll find bandits in other cars trying to kill you. They come in all sorts of vehicles, but you might find some that have different gadgets. Maybe that Outrunner has a rocket launcher, while yours doesn't.

All you need to do is walk up to that vehicle and interact with it. It sounds dangerous, but your Vault Hunter can handle it. By interacting with it, you'll hijack it, at which point you can drive it back to a Catch-a-Ride station and harvest its parts. From there, you can equip the new mods to your whip.


Alternatively, some unique upgrades can be found at specific places. The Sonic Boosters for the Cyclone, for example, are found in the Meridian Metroplex on Promethea. For these, you'll need to solve a simple puzzle to free the vehicle. Afterward, you're free to steal it, drive it back to a Catch-a-Ride station, and take its parts.