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Greedfall: How To Upgrade Your Weapons And Armor

The weapons and armor upgrade system acts as one of many ways you can customize your playstyle in Greedfall. By enhancing your equipment, you can unlock access to skills, stat bonuses, and other buffs. The best items to use often differ from situation to situation, adding some extra depth, variety, and fun to an all too often monotonous gameplay mechanic.


To upgrade your weapons and armor, you must first gain access to the Craftmanship talent. You can purchase the talent under the "Character Development" window. If you'd rather spend the points elsewhere, specific items and clothing in Greedfall grant access to the skill. Once you locate the requisite gear, simply equip it whenever you want to upgrade. Next, pay a visit to a blacksmith in the larger settlements or use the workbench at any of your residences or camps to bring up the crafting menu.

When visiting the blacksmith or workbench, select the item you wish to upgrade. Items that you can enhance will have up to three available upgrade slots as indicated by the "Crafting" column on the inventory screen. These upgrades function in an identical fashion to Dragon Age: Inquisition, with each slot altering a specific aspect of the weapon or armor piece's appearance and stat bonuses. Certain upgrades even give you access to Talents without forcing you to spend any of your points.


Unlocking some upgrades requires a higher level of Craftmanship. All crafting consumes a set amount of resources which you can gather on your travels or, in certain cases, purchase from merchants. Also bear in mind that weapons and armor require specific skills, stats, and attributes to use. As certain crafting ingredients can be hard to come by, make sure you can equip an item before upgrading it.