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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep 'ViDoc' Goes Behind The Scenes At Bungie

We are now two weeks out from the release of Destiny 2's highly anticipated third-year expansion, Shadowkeep. And as is tradition, Bungie has released a ViDoc — a video documentary — that lets players hear from the developers and artists who make Destiny 2 and its expansions possible.


There's a whole lot of Luke Smith. As the person who steers Destiny in whichever direction it needs to go, Smith can speak with more authority about what Destiny 2: Shadowkeep means for the future of the franchise. And in the vidoc, he does just that, stating that Shadowkeep is meant to "set Destiny into a place where Destiny can begin its next major change."

We also got additional looks at the newly revamped Moon location in Shadowkeep, as community lead Eric Osborne, production director Matt Zitterman, and design lead Ben Womack reiterated that we'll be visiting to aid Eris Morn while also confronting some of our own "nightmares" from the past.

We also got a peek at a new weapon. There's a new rocket launcher coming (of the exotic variety, we presume) that shoots out void tracking projectiles, not unlike the ones that you see floating around after a Nova Bomb. How powerful it'll be is anyone's guess. But it definitely looks cool!


And we got more on Bungie's commitment to creating "a single evolving world" inside Destiny 2, starting with Shadowkeep. In the past, content has come along inside Destiny 2 and stayed; for example, you can still take part in the Escalation Protocol activity from Destiny 2: Warmind even though that DLC came out over a year ago. From Shadowkeep forward, Destiny 2 seasonal content will come and go. The world will change. Players who take part in a particular season will play content that those who come after won't be able to access. That's a major change.

There is, of course, way more to the ViDoc. But rather than spoil everything, we've embedded the video above so you can watch it yourself. If you can spare 10 minutes, it's definitely worth a look.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep comes to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Oct. 1.