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Borderlands 3: Which Class Should You Choose?

Just a couple minutes into your Borderlands 3 experience, Gearbox asks you to pick your Vault Hunter. This decision will impact the rest of the game, as each of them plays pretty differently from one another. Luckily, there really isn't a "right" answer; your choice really depends on how you play. So here's a quick primer on the four Vault Hunters and how they might suit you.


Amara the Siren: Amara has a lot of powerful abilities that improve her melee and elemental damage. Shotguns work well for her, and elemental damage is guaranteed with almost any of her builds. If you like getting up close and personal with elemental damage, Amara's your girl.

Moze the Gunner: Moze's powers revolve around her mech companion, Iron Bear. She can summon her mech and ride in it for a while, unloading all sorts of firepower. Her skill trees focus on improving her mech suit and her firepower. If you hate reloading guns and love explosives, Moze is up your alley.

FL4K the Beastmaster: FL4K controls three pets, all of whom fight in different ways. Generally speaking, FL4K is fairly resilient on their own, and the beast companions add another dimension to combat. You can use them to draw fire away from you or double your offensive capabilities. If you like micromanaging an AI, FL4K makes for a versatile choice.


Zane the Operative: Finally, we have Zane, who can be as sneaky as he can be tanky. He can send out a drone and a holographic decoy of himself, which opens up more nuanced approaches to combat. Alternatively, you can give him lots of damage resistance and shield regeneration so he can take all sorts of damage.