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Apex Legends Players Just Found Leaked Character Crypto In Kings Canyon

We got our first teeny-tiny look at Apex Legends' Crypto back when he blew up the Repulsor Tower at the start of Season 2. We also got some additional details on him by way of a leak from a GameStop conference. Now he's in the game... in a sense.


Players who start out a match in Apex Legends by dropping to the Singh Labs area of Kings Canyon may be lucky enough to catch Crypto doing a little bit of hacking inside the bunker. He sticks around just long enough for the ring countdown clock to appear, and then he (and what looks like a friendly drone) high-tail it out of there.

We don't have any idea what he's trying to accomplish at this stage, nor do we know where he runs off to after he leaves Singh Labs. But this does mark the first time players are getting to see Crypto in Kings Canyon during a match. He may not be a playable character (yet), but it's something.


As for what is being shown on the screen above Crypto... there is at least one theory surrounding that. @Apex_Intel over on Twitter believes the tower-like object Crypto has pulled up resembles the Eden space elevator from Titanfall 2. More Titanfall stuff, hmm?

It sure seems like Respawn might be laying the groundwork for Titans to come back in some way, shape, or form. Keep in mind: the leaks out of the GameStop conference also clued us in on the Titanfall charge rifle making its way to Apex Legends. Unfortunately, we probably won't know for sure until Season 3 kicks off... or until Crypto drops some more hints for us in the game.

Season 3 of Apex Legends is expected to arrive near the beginning of October with Crypto as a new Legend, the charge rifle as a new weapon, new skins to chase, and more. We'll keep you up to speed should we get more definitive details about any of it.