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New Pokemon Sirfetch'd Is Exclusive To Pokemon Sword

The old-school Pokemon known as Farfetch'd is, after all this time, getting an evolution. Its name is Sirfetch'd, it is the most noble thing you've ever seen in your life, and... it's exclusive to Pokemon Sword.


We knew this day would come, when we'd see Pokemon showing up in either Sword or Shield that instantly made us want both versions. That's probably the point, right? Nintendo and Game Freak would like there to be some FOMO instilled into those buying one half of the package and not the other. If that weren't the case, Pokemon Sword and Shield would come on one cart.

But this is how the Pokemon franchise has worked since the very beginning. And that is super unfortunate, because those who pick up Pokemon Shield will be forced to find a trading partner so they can acquire a Sirfetch'd, who is now the latest Pokemon that everyone is falling in love with.


Seriously, look at this fan art.

According to the official Pokemon website, Sirfetch'd is a Farfetch'd who evolves after "experiencing many battles." That sword it's toting around is actually the stalk of a leek, and the shield is made from the leaves of that leek. Once the leek "withers," as the website puts it, "Sirfetch'd will leave the battlefield and retire from battling entirely." And honestly, what? Once the leek is done for, this Pokemon — who some will buy Sword specifically for, and will run a Farfetch'd into the ground for — will just walk off the job? Unacceptable.

Still, Sirfetch'd does look pretty cool. And at almost 258 lbs., it's definitely a duck that can bring the fight to whoever you might encounter in the Galar region. You'll just have to ask yourself if it's worth passing on Pokemon Shield for. Or if your budget has room for both games. Of if you're cool with a Pokemon that'll just quit fighting once its sword goes bad. Decisions, decisions.

Pokemon Sword and Shield both come to Nintendo Switch on Nov. 15, 2019.