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Greedfall: How To Change Your Party

Player agency is a key component of Greedfall, the latest action RPG from Spiders. In addition to customizing de Sardet's appearance and skillset, you can choose who fights at your side, swapping out companions to suit your needs and playstyle.

Greedfall includes five companions affiliated with specific factions that you can recruit throughout your journey: Kurt, Vasco, Petrus, Aphra, and Siora. You can travel with a maximum of two companions at a time, an important decision as your party composition can have a large impact on the outcome of battles and your interactions with other NPCs. To change your party, head to the campfire icon in your residence or camp to assemble the companions you have recruited. Interacting with a companion will open the "Team Setup" menu, providing an overview of each companion's Attributes, Skills, and Relationship Level. A green check mark appears next the names of your active party members and you must have two companions selected at all times.

When you first recruit a new companion, Greedfall gives you the option to swap them into your active party. Though you cannot choose their skills or attributes, you can equip companions with specific weapons and armor. As diplomacy plays a large role in the game, make sure to take the the relevant companion when speaking with their associated organizations or completing organization-specific quests. Siora, for example, is your main connection to the natives of Teer Fradee due to her ability to speak the language and smooth over cultural differences. Pay attention to cut scenes and mission descriptions, as they provide context and clues about the best companions to take into different situations.