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Borderlands 3: How To Use Weapon Skins

Most of your time in Borderlands 3, you'll be looking at your gun. Might as well turn it into something worth looking at, right? Gearbox added a whole new level of customization this time around, allowing you to change the skin of your guns and adorn them with trinkets.


If you want to change your gun's skin, open up your ECHO device and pull up your inventory. Highlight the gun you want to tweak and hit the "Inspect" button (you'll see the prompt at the bottom right). In this new screen, you'll see all sorts of statistics about your gun, which can be helpful when you want to min-max your stats. But we're not here for numbers. We're here for colors.

On this new screen, hit the "Change Weapon Skin" button. This brings up a new interface, listing all the skins you have available. Pick the one you like, and you'll be good to go.

Trinkets are a little different. You don't need to inspect your gun and can change them right from the inventory screen. To the left of your weapons, you'll notice smaller boxes. If you select one, you'll see all the trinkets you've collected. Choose the one you want, and it will hang off your gun.


It's worth noting that these trinkets are attached to your weapon slots, not the weapon itself. Whatever gun you put in the first slot will have that first trinket equipped, and so on. Meanwhile, weapon skins stay attached to the weapon itself, so if you equip a new gun, you'll need to change its skin.

You'll pick up skins and trinkets as you play, but you can also buy some from Crazy Earl. He sells some in exchange for Eridium.