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Bungie Says It Will Disable A Problematic Gun During Destiny 2: Shadowkeep's Raid Race

Would you believe that there's a glitched weapon available in Destiny 2? Yeah, it seems to happen quite often, and developer Bungie is usually quick to issue a fix. In this instance, however, a patch won't come quickly enough to beat Destiny 2's upcoming expansion, Shadowkeep. So rather than let players use a broken gun, Bungie is disabling it entirely.


The gun in question is the exotic fusion rifle known as Jotunn, which players first obtained in Destiny 2's Season of the Forge. And the problem? Well, like so many Destiny 2 weapons that Bungie loses its grip on, the thing has suddenly become a boss killing machine. It seems players can fire Jotunn while standing right next to an enemy combatant (such as a raid boss) and reflect splash damage off of themselves and onto the enemy for additional damage. This kills bad guys very quickly, so you can understand why that wouldn't jive with what Bungie hopes is a competitive race for a world's first raid completion.

Bungie's Luke Smith weighed in on Jotunn earlier today.

"Jotunn/Toaster will be disabled for Garden of Salvation," Smith said. "The team has identified the issue with Jotunn and we will release a fix in a future update."


(Just in case you were wondering, the community sometimes calls Jotunn a "Toaster" because it looks like one and because its projectiles shoot out like hot slices of bread.)

To our knowledge, this is only the second time a weapon has been turned off in either Destiny or Destiny 2. There have certainly been many broken, meta-destroying weapons in both games. But the only other time we can recall Bungie straight-up disabling a weapon was with Rat King back when Destiny 2 originally launched in 2017. Rat King at that point in time was terribly glitched, so Bungie must feel that Jotunn is on that same level right now, hence the decision to turn it off temporarily.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep hits PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Oct. 1. Should we hear more about Jotunn's fate in the interim, we'll fill you in.