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Outdrink The Devil In Afterparty This October

Afterparty, the much-anticipated indie game from Oxenfree creator Night School Studio, has received an October release date. In a little over a month, you'll get to go drink-for-drink with Satan as you party your way out of the Underworld.


In Afterparty, you play as Lola and Milo, two dead pals on a quest to escape Hell and return to Earth. To make it back to the land of the living, you must first convince Satan to grant you re-entry, which naturally means crashing his house party. The Devil will consider your request but only if you can beat him a drinking contest.

Night School Studio drew inspiration from films like Bill & Ted, Superbad, and Beetlejuice when creating the darkly comedic adventure. The relationship between Milo and Lola takes center stage, including the ups and downs that come with a long-term friendship. The Hell they navigate together includes elements drawn from the afterlives of multiple religions yet manages to remain rooted in reality. 


"It was a blast developing our own set of rules, deviating from the familiar pitchforks and fire in most interpretations of Hell," wrote studio director Sean Krankel. "Our dead people and demons have jobs, families, and argue over the good parking spot like the rest of us. But they also throw Death Day parties for serial killers."

The games is structured to feel like a binge-worthy TV show and includes a large, unpredictable cast attempting to deal with their own problems. From a demonic band manager to a grown man facing the demon who possessed his toys as a child, you'll encounter a strange assortment of personalities as Milo and Lola progress through their journey. To help give them a boost of confidence when they interact with these characters, Afterparty includes over 30 drinks that provide unique personality bonuses. Some cocktails even unlock extra dialogue choices.

Ready to get the party started? Afterparty comes to PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 29.