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Greedfall: How To Change Your Appearance

Greedfall, the historically inspired action-RPG from Spiders, places a heavy emphasis on player choice. This theme is reflected in the game's robust character creation tool, allowing you to tailor protagonist de Sardet's appearance to your preferences at the start of the game. After selecting a difficulty setting, Greedfall throws you into the story, depicting de Sardet in the midst of a reluctant portrait sitting. At this point the character creation menu will launch, offering the opportunity to customize your hero. Similar to BioWare games, Greedfall provides several gendered (male and female) presets for you to choose from. After selecting a gender and preset, you can tweak de Sardet's face shape, hair style, eyebrows, facial hair (male only), skin color, hair color, and eye color. The gender and skin color you choose do not seem to have any narrative impact.

Make sure you take your time in the character creation tool as you will not have the ability to alter de Sardet's appearance later in the game. Thankfully, Greedfall makes up for this with a wide variety of clothing and equipment. Certain outfits even open up alternate quest solutions, helping you to avoid unnecessary conflict. Spiders may include an option for changing your character's physical appearance in a future update, similar to the Mirror of Transformation added to Dragon Age: Inquisition with the Black Emporium expansion. The developer has stated that they have no plans for DLC at this time but could change their tune if there's enough demand. Given Greedfall's emphasis on immersion and consequence, the exclusion of an appearance-altering mechanic may have been an intentional game design choice.