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Gears 5: How To Play As Jack

Delta Squad's original robotic companion is back and better than ever in Gears 5 — and this time, he's actually a playable character, complete with his own set of customization elements and special abilities. If you've just completed Boot Camp and you're in a hurry to start the Gears 5 Campaign on your lonesome, the way to play as Jack can be somewhat elusive. The key is pretty simple, and it's a worthy reflection of the character's lore: Jack is only a playable character in co-op Campaigns and during the cooperative Horde mode.

Jack's role on the squad is a support one. Playing as Jack during Horde matches, you'll be able to heal teammates, pick up weapons, and repair fortifications. Although he can't sport the same firepower of a standard COG soldier (you won't be equipping any Lancers any time soon), Jack can paralyze enemies with an electrical Zapper for an easy teammate takedown (on top of his many other abilities). As Jack gains XP during Horde gameplay, he'll level up just like any other hero character on the Gears 5 roster, eventually unlocking his Ultimate ability — a version of his Highjack power that allows you to target an enemy and take control of them for a short amount of time. And a perfectly-timed Hijack can absolutely wreak havoc on an unsuspecting wave of Spawn.

Jack's abilities during co-op Campaign gameplay offer you little more versatility. You can upgrade Jack throughout the course of the Campaign using consumable Components to unlock his various abilities, with a focus on three categories of skills: Assault, Support, and Passives. So whether you decide to upgrade Jack's Hijack, Cloak, or Core Systems, the power is entirely in your tiny robot hands.