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Link Joins Overwatch In Epic Fan Made Trailer

Overwatch isn't a series known for its cameos. You don't get stars from other video games like you might in Super Smash Bros., for example, which makes it all the more painful to see this fan-made trailer starring The Legend of Zelda's Link as an Overwatch character. Because now we want it to happen.


How would it feel to play as the hero of Hyrule in Blizzard's aptly categorized hero shooter? Sadly, we can only guess. The trailer is short but sweet, showing Link using his spinning sword attack as well as a powerful lunge, leading us to believe he'd almost certainly be confined to his tried-and-true melee weapon. And interestingly, his Hylian shield comes into play, as well, which really throws the type of role he'd play into question.

Link doesn't appear large enough in the Overwatch universe to be a tank. We're not sure how he'd work in support, as Link is more of a front-line kind of fighter. That would make damage seem fairly obvious, except you know... Link is only wielding the Master Sword. So perhaps he could also be allowed to fire some ranged arrows occasionally. And what about that shield? Would that be fair? Blizzard might have to spend some significant time tweaking Link so that he doesn't disrupt the very delicate Overwatch meta.


Which is why you can probably expect this will never happen. Overwatch may be coming to Nintendo Switch next month, but we can't envision Blizzard wanting to maintain a whole new character who only appears on one platform. But that's not to say Link might not get the chance to fight one of Blizzard's characters someday. Weren't there some rumors floating around about an Overwatch hero potentially coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at some point?

We'll have to cross our fingers and hope that one of those comes true.

Overwatch releases for Nintendo Switch on Oct. 15.