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Greedfall: Where To Find All Companions

As you journey across Serene and Teer Fradee, you'll encounter members of Greedfall's many political factions. Each group includes several members, and the game allows you to recruit specific NPCs from within their ranks to aid you in your travels. These companions all come with unique skills, attributes, specializations, and equipment. They also make interacting with their respective organizations much easier. Here's where you can find all five of the available companions in Greedfall.


Kurt: A member of the Coin Guard mercenaries, Kurt is proficient with melee weapons and starts the game with a two-handed sword. His core stats are Endurance, Strength, and Agility, and he will increase your Craftmanship skill should you unlock his friendship bonus. Kurt acted as the de Sardet master-of-arms, training the main character and their cousin in the art of combat. He joins your party automatically after taking you through the game's combat tutorial.

Vasco: A member of the Nauts faction, Vasco acts of the captain of the ship that transports you to Serene. He is skilled with one-handed melee weapons and firearms, prioritizing Agility, Accuracy, and Endurance. Unlocking his friendship bonus increases your Intuition. Vasco joins your group automatically after reaching New Serene.


Siora: One of the natives of Teer Fradee, Siora is a skilled linguist and magic-wielder. Of your party, she is the only member who can speak the local language and can also restore your hit points and armor in combat. She will join your group in New Serene after your cousin instructs you to go speak with the natives.

Petrus: Petrus, a Theleme missionary, is skilled with magic and heavy armor. If you get his friendship high enough he will provide a boost to Charisma. You can recruit Petrus after completing the main mission in San Matheus, the Theleme settlement on Teer Fradee.

Aphra: A member of the Bridge Alliance, Aphra excels in long-range combat, wielding firearms and potent explosives. A high enough friendship score will grant a bonus to Science. You'll encounter Aphra later in the game, after completing the quests "Old Countries in a New World" and "Scholars in the Expedition."