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Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Box Art Will Give You Deja Vu

Can you believe it's almost October? That means we're just five months and a few days away from playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It seems Square Enix also knows the game's release date is coming up fast, and has given us a look at the official box art we can expect to see on store shelves.


Without further ado, feast your eyes on this. It looks rather familiar, doesn't it?

It may not surprise you to learn that Square Enix looked to the past for inspiration on FF7's cover art, just as it did for the game itself. The image you see here is not all that different from the one you would've found on the jewel case for the original PlayStation version of Final Fantasy 7; the only difference being, of course, that the FF7 Remake box art uses the modernized version's new art style.


There is one strange thing about this cover, however, that we saw pointed out first by Kotaku's Jason Schreier: why isn't this box art saying the game is part one of a multi-part series? Don't consumers deserve to know that this is not the entire Final Fantasy 7 story, but is instead a fraction of it? We really hope that is something Square Enix decides to fix before the game actually comes out. It's easy for those of us who follow games to know what we're getting in the Remake. A lapsed gamer from the 90s who loved Final Fantasy 7 might not be as well informed.

Otherwise, you can consider us good and ready for Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Everything we've seen so far looks fantastic, we love how Square Enix is expanding on Midgar and making it a more meaty area, and there are just enough unknowns to make this worth it even for those who've tread through FF7 plenty of times in the past. Hopefully the final product lives up to expectations.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake comes to PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.