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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Where To Find The Ocarina

Years before Link ventured into 3D on the Nintendo 64 and discovered the Ocarina of Time, a different ocarina played a pivotal role in one of his adventures. In The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, you'll need to harness the power of Koholint Island's ocarina in order to access certain dungeons, raise poultry from the dead, unlock fast travel from anywhere on the map, and ultimately wake up the slumbering Wind Fish.


Thankfully, the ocarina is easy to find. Once you've completed the third dungeon, the Key Cavern, and scored the Pegasus Boots, return to Mabe Village. North of the shop, you'll see a tomb-like building with three stones blocking the entrance. Use the Power Bracelet to remove the stones, then head inside. Get inside the bed and let Link fall asleep.

This will transport Link to the Dream Shrine, a short dungeon that holds the Ocarina. Using the Pegasus Boots, dash over the crumbling floor tiles. Once you've circled the perimeter of the room, you'll be able to access two chests. One holds a treasure that's worth 100 rupees. The other holds the ocarina.

If you talk to Marin after getting the ocarina, she'll teach you the Ballad of the Wind Fish, which is required to crack open the Wind Fish's egg at the end of the game. After the fourth dungeon, you'll be able to learn Manbo's Mambo, which lets you warp to any fast-travel spot on the map immediately. Finally, once you have the hookshot, you can hunt down Mamu, who teaches you the Song of Soul, which revives long-dead creatures. The Song of Soul is a required to unlock the seventh and eighth dungeons.