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Here's The Easiest Way To Make Money In GTA Online

GTA Online is a lot like real life in some ways. There are cool things you want to buy. You need money to buy the cool things. So you need a job in order to make money so that you can buy cool the things. In reality, that might involve you doing paperwork all day. In the world of Grand Theft Auto, however, you can get a little more creative.


What's the easiest way to make money in GTA Online? It's not by getting the kind of job you might as an actual human being in the real world. Instead, it's by taking advantage of the fact that what you do in a video game won't follow you around for the rest of your life. You want that money? You race for it. Either that, or you steal it.

That's right: Time Trials are probably one of the easiest ways for you to make some fast cash in GTA Online. You can bank approximately $50,000 every week from Time Trials in the game, so get in there, do the bare minimum, and get out. And sure, $50K may not seem like much when you're a high-rolling GTA Online player who has a helicopter, for crying out loud. But it's easy scratch if you need it.


Of course, that's not where you'll find the big money. If you have friends (or at least other helpful people) around and want to make upwards of several hundred thousands of dollars in just an hour or two, there are Heists. Rally your group, choose a Heist, get to running it, and don't screw it up. If you extract your cash as planned (Pacific Standard is nice, as its a bank robbery and banks have money), you'll walk away with a hefty amount of money to spend for just a tiny bit of your time.

Could some easier way to make money come along at some point? Sure. For right now, though, you have the easiest path toward making yourself some extra dough in GTA Online.