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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening - How To Get To Yarna Desert

The key that unlocks The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening's fourth dungeon, the Angler Tunnel, resides in Yarna Desert, which is in the southeast corner of Koholint Island. Unfortunately, the route to the desert is hardly straightforward. In order to get there, you'll need to make a few trips across the map and recruit Koholint's resident songstress, Marin, for help.


Your first task is making your way to Animal Village. From the Key Cavern, Link's Awakening's third dungeon, head east until you're almost directly south of the Seashell Palace. You should find a sign pointing the way to Animal Village. When you follow it, your way will be blocked by a stream with stumps on either bank. However, there should be a lone bush a few steps away. Slash the bush with your sword to uncover a hidden passageway. Head inside, sprint through the tunnel, and head south when you emerge.

Once you're at Animal Village, talk to Chef Bear (and trade him the honeycomb, if you have it). He'll mention that the path to Yarna Desert is blocked by a sleeping walrus. He'll also tell you that Marin's singing will wake him up. Either use the Animal Village warp or travel by foot to get back to Mabe Village. 


When you arrive, Marin will be on the beach. Travel all the way to the far end of the shore to find her. Enjoy the melancholy cutscene, then escort Marin back to Animal Village (if you want to see a funny cinematic, take Marin by the Trendy Game first). From there, head south and east to find the walrus. Marin will sing to him, and he'll move out of the way. Marin will leave to serenade the other Animal Village residents, and you'll be free to enter Yarna Desert.