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How Long Would It Take To Mine Every Block In A Minecraft World?

Minecraft is a game that, to many, feels limitless. It's why so many people ask questions about just how far they can push the popular sandbox title. They want to know how high they can build, or how far their creations can extend. And some ask more off-the-wall questions, like, "How long would it take to mine every block in a Minecraft world?"


Is anyone really going to sit there and mine every single block in Minecraft? Probably not. But knowing the answer gives us a sense of the game's scope. After all, we'll never line up 30 Earth-sized planets between the Earth and the Moon, but knowing we could kind of puts everything into perspective, doesn't it?

Anyway, the actual answer to the question of how long it would take to mine every block is far above our skills in math. Fortunately, a STEM student by the name of Joe Mills took a crack at coming up with a number on the website Quora. In order to solve it, Mills had to use the "Old" style world found in Minecraft, rather than an infinite world (for obvious reasons). But by figuring out how large a Minecraft world is, and how long it would take someone in the game's Creative Mode to break a block (approximately 0.25 seconds), Mills came up with a figure.


According to Mills, it would take around 11 days, 18 hours, 11 minutes, and 8 seconds for someone to mine every single Minecraft block. And bear in mind, that is someone who is doing nothing but mining those blocks for nearly 12 days straight. Say goodbye to sleep. Say goodbye to bathroom breaks. Maybe if you're clicking to swing your pickaxe, you'd have a hand free to eat. But even that would prove challenging.

It's safe to say it would take the average person far longer to do accomplish this task. Even putting in 8 hour days would draw the task out to over 35 days. You can imagine, then, if you only devoted an hour or two to nothing but mining how long it would take.

We hope that answered your question! It would take you a really, really long time to mine all of the blocks (unless you're a robot). Should more wacky Minecraft questions come our way, we'll undoubtedly try to field them.