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Gears 5: How To Shoot The Grenade Launcher

Gears 5 introduces a few new weapons to the series, including one of our favorites: the Lancer GL Assault Rifle. In the fine tradition of the Boomshot and the Booshka, the Lancer GL Assault Rifle brings the explosive pain; it holds 440 rounds of ammunition and sports a lethal three-round grenade launcher on its barrel instead of the Lancer's standard chainsaw bayonet.

To shoot the grenade launcher on this upgraded AR, simply hold down the reload button, aim your blue laser sight at a target, and release once you're ready to fire. Keep in mind that if your laser sight is red instead of blue, it means your line of sight is obstructed, and it's time to find a new angle. Similar to the Torque Bow, the range of the Lancer GL is essentially as far as the eye can see — meaning you can target an enemy on the opposite side of the map with ease. As you can imagine, when it comes to avoiding the Lancer GL's hail of fire, competitive maps with little to no head cover can prove to be quite problematic.

Each round of the Lancer Grenade Launcher explodes into a moderately-sized shower of smaller ballistics that will rain down onto the target area from above. And, as with any heavy ordinance, it's a good idea to know where the closest ammo drops are to ensure a steady supply of the good stuff.