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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening - How To Catch Blooper

Want to collect all of the seashells, heart pieces, and fairy bottles hidden in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on the Switch? You'd better learn how to fish. The Switch version of the fishing minigame comes with more fish and more prizes than ever before — and some brand new Super Mario cameos along with them.


Both Blooper, the squid-like enemies that torment Mario in water levels, and Cheep Cheeps, Mario's fishy foes, appear in Link's Awakening. Both of them will earn you a precious seashell once you've caught them. Snag a Blooper, and you'll also get the Heavyweight Lure.

Unfortunately, you can't catch either of these fish right away. The Cheep Cheep only appears after you complete Angler's Tunnel. Blooper won't show up in the pond until Catfish's Maw, the fifth dungeon, has been completed. Neither creature will appear in the pond right away; if you don't see your desired prey in the water, start catching the existing fish. Eventually, other fish will arrive to bolster the lake's depleted ranks, including the Cheep Cheep and the Blooper.


While the Cheep Cheep doesn't take too much effort to catch, the Blooper can be a little trickier. As in the Mario games, the Blooper moves in wiggly diagonal pattern around the middle of the water. You'll want to use your Middleweight Lure, but otherwise there's no trick to it. Move the lure in the Blooper's general vicinity, and it'll bite eventually.

Keep in mind that the Blooper isn't the last step of the fishing game, either. After you complete the Face Shrine, you'll also be able to hunt the legendary Ol' Baron, who's worth 90 rupees. Catch the Blooper first, though: the Heavyweight Lure makes catching Baron much, much easier.