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Bastion's Epic Overwatch League Play Helps Propel The Shock To $1.1 Million

The Overwatch League finals are always must-watch events, but nothing could've quite prepared the crowd for what they witnessed this past weekend when the San Francisco Shock took on the Vancouver Titans. With the payload captured on Eichenwalde and the end of the round in sight, Shock pro Architect used Bastion to channel his inner Sia and swing from the chandelier.


Well, he didn't really swing, per se. But he did pull off an amazing maneuver that involved using Bastion's ultimate to blast straight up into the air and onto the chandelier in Eichenwalde, giving Architect the perfect view by which to defend the payload as the Titans swarmed in to push back. From the high ground, Architect did some damage and nabbed some eliminations before going full turret, enabling Bastion's sentry mode to rain fire down upon the charging Titans.

Alas, Architect's reign of terror was eventually brought to an end by a sleep dart from Ana. But not before he wowed the crowd and gave the San Francisco Shock a much-needed shot of adrenaline. 

It was a remarkable play, made even more special by the fact that the camera seemed to cut to Architect at just the right time, catching his Bastion move as it was occurring, then sticking around to view the carnage that unfolded afterward. But the best part about it was that, according to Architect, it was completely improvised. His Bastion was supposed to be lifted onto the chandelier via a Mei wall assist from a teammate, but at some point decided the wall was unnecessary, and used Bastion's ultimate as a sort of rocket jump to blast onto the chandelier himself.


It was a risky play, for sure, but one that ultimately proved very effective. And thanks to that play (and many others), the San Francisco Shock completed their run through the loser's bracket, re-emerged in the finals, and defeated the Vancouver Titans to claim the Overwatch League's $1.1 million championship prize.

You can rest assured that, going forward, you'll be seeing a lot of other Bastions trying to pull off that Architect move on Eichenwalde. In the meantime, we'll report back should any other Overwatch pros make any other insane plays.