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Mario Maker Level Turns Mario Into Mozart

One of the best aspects of the Super Mario Maker series is the creativity and novelty that the community brings to the table. The Music Maker level by user knil (ID: 4MW-PJW-3JF) exemplifies this creative spirit, transforming Mario into a rudimentary composer.


More a piano simulator than a traditional Mario course, Music Maker allows you to play a sequence of notes by spawning mushrooms via item boxes. You start the level in front of a pipe, with flying music boxes on tracks visible to the right. Due to the placement of several blue boxes, you're only option is to hop into the pipe which transports you to an area with the level's instructions. The process is pretty straight forward: use the item boxes to create your tune and then hit the blue switch to set the music free.

With the instructions revealed, simply take the pipe back to the starting area where you'll discover that the blue boxes once blocking your path are now gone. If you head to the right, you can see how the Music Maker level functions. The creator has placed the musical blocks on incomplete tracks. Hitting the switch completes the circuit, producing the sound for the notes you select via the item blocks.


The main part of the level features 12 columns and eight rows of music notes. You can climb up vines to hit the item boxes and spawn mushrooms, which the music notes will hit when you flip the switch, playing your composition from left to right in the order you selected. Over on Reddit, knil provided an example of how the level's potential, showing the Music Maker playing part of Mary Had A Little Lamb. As there are only 12 columns, you're limited to that many notes and chords with no option to adjust the tempo or note length.

Despite its limitations, Music Maker is an ingenious and straight forward level that allows you to create simple tunes without pouring over lengthy tutorials.