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Greedfall: How To Craft Consumables

Like most RPGs, resource management is an important aspect of your Greedfall experience. While equipping the best weapons and armor plays a crucial role, the game boasts a number of items and consumables that aid you in combat or allow you to take a more stealthy approach to completing quests. While you can purchase these supplies from various merchants, players with the appropriate skillset can also craft them, saving time and money.

To use Greedfall's crafting system, you first need to purchase the Science talent. Consumables come in three tiers, with access linked to your rank in the Science tree. Essentially, the quality of the items you can create and use increases as you invest more points into Science. The talent also confers other benefits, such as an enabling you to use explosives to break through weak points in walls, often creating an alternate route around obstacles and providing access to more loot.

At Science level one, you can craft health potions; the ability to create ammo follows at level two. Once you have the requisite rank, you'll need to head to a workbench. You can find these in towns, camps, and your residence. Interact with the workbench and cycle through to the Consumables menu. From there, you can see the list of items available to craft, including their requisite Science level and material components. Spiders has left lots of resources scattered around Serene and Teer Fradee, so make sure you interact with any glowing items you encounter on your journey. You'll find supplies stashed in several locations, including chests, dead bodies, barrels, trees, and bushes. Happy crafting.