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Dr Disrespect Gets Trolled By His 'Cousin' At TwitchCon

Okay, so maybe Dr Disrespect doesn't actually have a cousin who is also a video game streamer. And maybe that cousin — who definitely isn't real — wouldn't walk around TwitchCon positively roasting the Doc by pointing out all of the ways he's been disrespectful to others while livestreaming. But wouldn't it be great if that cousin did exist?


Sadly, we'll never know, but at least we got part of the way there thanks to the always-hilarious PaladinAmber, who is, like Dr Disrespect, a Twitch streamer herself.

You might already be familiar with PaladinAmber and her masterful takedowns of the weirdos who lurk about in her Twitch chat. But it seems she had much bigger fish to fry at TwitchCon: Dr Disrespect, the man known as the Two-Time. Donning a bushy black mustache and dark shades, PaladinAmber took to the floor of TwitchCon and streamed just as the Doc did during E3 2019, claiming herself to be a "second cousin twice-removed" of the controversial Twitch figure. But she wasn't there to mimic Dr Disrespect; instead, she was there to "uphold the family name" and "respect you, your consent to filming, and everything in between."


You can see throughout how PaladinAmber approaches situations far differently than the Doc did during E3 2019. For instance, she ensures she has someone's permission before filming them. She opts for air hugs instead of going all in for the real deal. And at one point, she even stops before entering the bathroom to prevent the cameras from following her, a clear shot at Dr Disrespect and the lawbreaking act that got him banned from both E3 2019 and Twitch.

It's pretty fantastic.

Of course, the humor is lost without a little bit of context, so if you're not all that familiar with the event PaladinAmber is referencing, no worries: we'll catch you up.

Back at E3 2019 in June, Dr Disrespect caught a whole lot of flack for bringing a camera into a public restroom at the convention. He was livestreaming on his Twitch channel at the time, and whether he knew it or not, was actively violating a privacy law in the State of California by filming in that space. Dr Disrespect was banned from E3 2019 as a result of the incident and also received a two-week ban from Twitch. One could argue that the Twitch ban wasn't much of a punishment, however, as the Doc used his absence to build up anticipation for his return, resulting in a massive amount of viewers for his comeback stream.


And we know what you probably want to ask next: did he ever say he was sorry? The answer is yes... sort of. Guy Beahm dropped the Dr Disrepect character for just a few moments to issue an apology for the bathroom streaming incident at E3. However, instead of taking ownership of the mistake, Beahm instead apologized "on behalf of the Dr Disrespect brand," essentially placing all of the blame on the brand he created rather than, you know, his own decision making.

That's a lesson for all of you kids out there. If you get caught cheating on a test, just apologize on behalf of your brand! Then remind your teacher that you're just trying to make the best content possible.

We do have to give Dr Disrespect a little bit of credit, though, in the way that prisons also give inmates credit. He's been on his best behavior as of late, with no recent bans to his name and no major controversies to speak of. And from the sounds of it, his meet-and-greet events at TwitchCon 2019 have so far gone pretty well. Perhaps the Doc really has learned his lesson and has turned over a new leaf, which should make anyone using a bathroom at a major video game event feel much better about doing so. We'll just have to see if Dr Disrespect can keep himself on the right side of Twitch guidelines (and California state law), or if he suddenly gets the urge to take another impromptu two-week vacation.


We do know of someone who will be waiting to pounce should Dr Disrespect slip up again, at least. Here's hoping we never land ourselves on the wrong side of a PaladinAmber video.