12 Minutes - What We Know So Far

Annapurna Interactive is known for publishing inventive and artistic story-driven titles, and unsurprisingly, that appears to be exactly what we're getting in 12 Minutes. The game debuted during Microsoft's press conference at E3 2019, and we could tell right away this wasn't a game gunning to be a blockbuster, but rather a thriller


We don't know much about 12 Minutes at this early stage, but what we do know we've compiled here, including information on the game's release date, plot, release platforms, and trailer. Enjoy.

What is the release date for 12 Minutes?

If there was a dark horse during Microsoft's E3 2019 show, it was 12 Minutes. There's a lot of intrigue around this title, which means a lot of people want to know when it's coming out.

Unfortunately, all we have at this point is a release window, and a rather large one at that: 2020. You can expect to see 12 Minutes sometime next year, but we can't tell you exactly when.


What is the plot of 12 Minutes?

The plot of 12 Minutes sounds intense: you're in control of a man who lives and relives the same 12-minute period of time over and over again. And in that span of time, you learn that your wife is pregnant, which sounds like a big enough deal... until a police offer shows up, accuses your wife of murder, and knocks you out before killing her.


After that, the loop begins again, as you try to find a path forward that prevents your wife's death from occurring and offers some semblance of a light at the end of the tunnel. What does the "end" look like, exactly? We have no idea. But we suspect that'll be part of what makes playing and completing 12 Minutes so special.

Which platforms will 12 Minutes release on?

The platforms we know about for 12 Minutes' release are fairly predictable when you consider the venue at which the game was revealed. Right now, we know the game is coming to PC and Xbox One. That's it.


Will 12 Minutes ever make its way to PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch at some point? It certainly seems reasonable to assume so. But we don't have any information about releases on those platforms at this time.

Is there a trailer for 12 Minutes?

There is, in fact, a trailer for 12 Minutes, and it just so happens to be the one that announced the game's existence at E3 2019.

We've embedded the trailer above for your viewing pleasure. If it doesn't make you the least bit curious about the story of 12 Minutes, you might want to go ahead and check your pulse.