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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening - How To Get To Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock, Link's Awakening's eighth and final dungeon, isn't hard to find — you can see it in the upper left corner of the map as soon as you uncover the Tal Tal Heights — but getting inside can be a little tricky.


Thankfully, you should already have everything you need: the Song of Soul is the same tune that resurrected the Flying Rooster, who you needed to get to the seventh dungeon, Eagle's Tower, where you got the all-important Mirror Shield.

Once Eagle's Tower is finished, head back to the chicken shack at the top of the Tal Tal Heights. Instead of heading east, as you did to reach Eagle's Tower, head west. After a few steps, you'll find Marin stranded on a rickety bridge. Use the hookshot to save her, then slash at the nearby bush to reveal a staircase. Hookshot over the gap and head back outside. You'll be in an area with falling boulders. Carefully work your way to the top, then continue west.

From here, go west. You'll be able to drop down into an area filled with rocks. Do so, then head inside the nearest cave. Use the Mirror Shield to block the flame barrier and reach the exit. Dig up the nearby warp pad if you want, then continue your westward journey until you reach Turtle Rock.


Turtle Rock doesn't have a door, so you'll need to make one. Whip out your Ocarina and play the Song of Soul. Doing so brings Turtle Rock to life, and a boss fight ensues. Wait for the turtle to dash at you, dodge out of the way, and use bombs to shatter its rocky armor. Once the head is exposed, use the same strategy to stun the turtle, then wail away at it with your sword. Eventually, the turtle will succumb, and the entrance to Turtle Rock will be unlocked.