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Why Yes, There IS An Official Overwatch Cookbook

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IT'S HIGH NOON (somewhere), which means its lunchtime. Is there a better time to fish around in Overwatch: The Official Cookbook and try to find a recipe for your mid-day meal?

We almost can't believe something like this exists, and yet, of course it does. Overwatch is a huge property. Little kids probably have lunchboxes they take to school every day with art featuring their favorite characters. Why not stuff those lunchboxes with the food those fictional fighters love to eat?


There's an Orisa Sundae, which looks positively divine. There's an adorable little elixir called Valkyrie's Flight, assembled in honor of Mercy. There's a milkshake called The 76, which — as you've probably guessed — was put together as a celebration of Soldier 76 and comes complete with red and white stripes, blue cream, and star-adorned straws. Oh, and how about the Canadian Butter Tarts? These were apparently Pharah's go-to snack when she lived in Canada as a child. They actually look super delicious, and if we had the means to make them right at this very moment, we probably still wouldn't, but we'd at least have considered it.

We assume there are even more recipes in the official cookbook for the rest of the roster in Overwatch, which currently sits at 31 heroes and keeps on growing. And in fact, there may be multiple recipes for each character. The cookbook managed to reach 216 pages, which includes the recipes themselves, illustrations of the finished goods, and a little bit of backstory for how each recipe relates to the hero it represents. You read that right: two-hundred-and-sixteen pages of Overwatch recipes. We don't know who Chelsea Monroe-Cassel is, but she deserves some kind of medal for coming up with that much material.


Overwatch: The Official Cookbook is available today via Amazon (and some other booksellers, we're sure). If you're a fan of Overwatch or cooking, it might be worth a look. If you're a fan of both, today is your lucky day.