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New Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Trailer Shows Off Its Fallen Paradise

With the release of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint only days away, Ubisoft has set the hype train in motion with a new gameplay launch trailer.

The trailer provides a look at Aurora, the corrupted island paradise that serves as Breakpoint's setting. With climates ranging from snowy mountain peaks to dense jungles, the island appears lush and serene, filled to the brim with foliage and wildlife. Sadly, the idyllic facade is broken by the arrival of the Wolves, former Ghosts led by Jon Bernthal's Cole D. Walker.


In the game, you crash land on Aurora, "a paradise fallen into the wrong hands," without any equipment. Injured and alone, even the smallest tactical error could spell death as you're forced to work your way through dense forest to reunite with what's left of your team. The trailer offers a look at some of the different sites, enemies, and encounters you'll run into as you work to reclaim the island from your former comrade-in-arms. You also get a brief glimpse of a few of the weapons you can pickup, including a rocket launcher and an electrified tactical knife.

One of the biggest threats you'll face is the array of hostile tech created by the technology and automation company who developed the island. From swarms of deadly drones to tank-like mechs roaming the ground, you'll have your hands full while you attempt to learn more about what happened to the wealthy entrepreneur who owns Aurora and created its mechanical denizens. 


The gamplay launch trailer briefly highlights Ghost War, Breakpoint's revamped PvP mode, complete with custom-built maps. Based on early reviews, Breakpoint's Ghost War is a huge improvement over the tacked on PvP aspect of Wildlands, offering a more dynamic, polished, and cohesive gameplay experience.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Breakpoint launches for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 4, 2019 before coming to Google Stadia next month.