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Town Of Light Dev Announces Psychological Thriller Martha Is Dead

From LKA, the developers behind the harrowing psychological horror adventure The Town of Light, comes a whole new dark tale. Martha Is Dead will tell the story of trauma and the horrors of the 40's, much like The Town of Light did. This time, the game centers around the story of a woman coming to terms with the death of her twin sister (we'll guess that this is Martha) in the midst of World War II.


The teaser is eerie and atmospheric, slowly zooming in on the open casket of a young woman, her face becoming more and more gaunt and rotten as the camera draws close.

Expected to be released sometime early next year on PC and other platforms, publisher Wired Productions describes the game as, "a beautiful and haunting adventure that will take players through an unforgettable story." According to Martha Is Dead's description on Steam, prospective players should brace themselves for a brutal murder, mysterious folklore, and the horrors of war all set in a shockingly photorealistic world.

It should be obvious at this point that this one is not family friendly, but just in case you're skeptical, the game's Steam page admits that "This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work," due to its "Nudity or Sexual Content" and "General Mature Content." So you may want to put the kids to bed before playing.


LKA's previous project, The Town of Light, received heaps of praise for sticking to horrifying historical facts and portraying them in terrifying detail. Martha Is Dead seems poised to do the same, this time giving players a good, long look at the reality of mental and emotional distress following the sudden death of a loved one.

Not for the faint of heart, Martha Is Dead can be wishlisted on Steam... if you dare.