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New Death Stranding Trailer Puts The Fate Of The World In Your Hands

Sony has released a new trailer for Death Stranding, the upcoming action-adventure game from Hideo Kojima. Titled "The Drop," the promotional trailer highlights the immense weight resting on the shoulders of protagonist Sam Porter Bridges.


A lot of content is packed into the one minute video. Sam nears the edge of a massive crater, possibly the remnants of one of the "bangs" he references in an earlier trailer. He is then set upon by a squad of enemies wielding electrified batons. Based on the accompanying voice over, Sam's assailants are likely members of the separatist terrorist group called the Homo Demens. These individuals are against reunification and serve as one of the game's main antagonistic forces. "They've torn us apart," Sam asserts. "Fractured our society. And the only way to save it is in my hands."

Using a sling gun, Sam takes an attacker down before another knocks one of the packages off his back. This same case was depicted at the start of the trailer sliding into a stream. Sam recovers it before it disappears beneath the surface. Presumably, this is "the drop" referenced in the trailer's title, the precious cargo that will reconnect the remnants of mankind.


The final moments show a massive Beached Thing (BT) standing in a crater and distorting the gravity around it, sending clumps of earth and rock floating into the air. Its silhouette resembles another BT shown in the TGA 2017 trailer that shoots a light from its mouth and sends Sam into the death realm. Beached Things are spectral beings from the other side and one of the greatest dangers Sam encounters on his journey. 

"My name is Sam Porter Bridges," Sam says, part mission statement, part call-to-arms. "It's my job to reconnect us."

Death Stranding launches for PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019.