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The Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening - How To Beat The Final Boss

The shape-shifting Nightmare that guards the Wind Fish's egg and serves as Link's Awakening's final boss attacks in six phases. During the first phase, it's shaped like a circle and bounces around the room. Most of your weapons won't harm it. However, three sprinkles of magic powder will get the job done.


In phase two, the Nightmare resembles Aghanim from A Link to the Past. You'll beat it the same way. The boss fires two kinds of magic at Link: a small projectile made of three blue orbs, and a large orange fireball. Dodge the former, and smack the latter with your sword. It'll bounce back and hurt the boss instead. Four hits and you're done.

Phase three is something you've seen before: this is a shadowy take on Moldorm, the boss of Link's Awakening's first dungeon. As before, hit Moldorm's tail with your sword while using the shield to keep yourself safe.

The fourth phase is the hardest one. Shaped like Ganon, this form spawns flaming bats and wields a spinning trident that also acts as a shield. Dodge the bats, use Roc's Feather to jump over the flying trident, then dash or spin-attack to hurt the boss. Chances are you'll take some damage while attacking, and the timing on this is tricky, so make sure to bring some Fairy Bottles and Secret Medicine along for the fight.


For phase five, equip the Fire Rod and shoot the boss as soon as it changes form. One hit will kill it instantly. If you're fast enough, it won't even get a chance to attack.

During the boss' sixth and final phase, the Nightmare will swing two long arms at Link. Use the feather to dodge the attacks, then use the bow or the boomerang to hit it in its open eye. It'll take a while, but eventually the boss will go down.